January 24, 2024

Home safety and peace of mind go hand in hand. Now, the convenience of home safety at an affordable price is made simple with the Connected Home app from North Shore Fuel!


Rather than downloading multiple apps for different home comfort functions, you can control them all remotely with the Connected Home app! Remote monitoring also makes our app a great option for maintaining comfort and safety in summer or second homes. Here are a few features you can control with North Shore Fuel Connected Home:


  • Thermostat control: Remote thermostat monitoring will maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, keeping your beloved pets safe while you’re away, while helping you use less fuel, save money, and produce fewer greenhouse gases.


  • Locking and unlocking doors: You can lock and unlock doors with the touch of a button and know exactly who is coming and going by setting unique access codes!


  • Lights: Kids are notorious for leaving lights on at home, so you can turn them off on the Connected Home app, or set a schedule to turn them off automatically. Your energy bill will thank you!


  • Doorbell monitoring: The SkyBell smart video doorbell will send an alert when someone approaches your door, allowing you to keep track of packages or any work being done on your home.


  • Video monitoring: You can set up video surveillance inside or outside your home and get real-time footage of pets, kids, and workers!


  • Water damage protection: With 5 sensors to detect a water leak and an automatic water main shut-off valve, the Connected Home system can save you thousands of dollars in flood damage!


… and more!


The Connected Home app from North Shore Fuel is a worthwhile investment in home security. Convenience, control, and affordability are now all at your fingertips with just one app.


For a full list of features, visit our Connected Home page or contact us.