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January 25, 2023

Having to deal with frozen or burst pipes is never a great way to begin the New Year. When a frozen pipe bursts, it can cause serious water damage to the home, leading to costly repairs for homeowners. North Shore Fuel has seen almost everything when it comes to heating and cooling, and we know that the best way to avoid a burst pipe situation is to prevent them from freezing.

The first line of defense is keeping your heating system in proper working order! You should contact North Shore Fuel if your system needs replacing or repairs.

Ways to keep your pipes from freezing:

  • Turn off water to outdoor faucets and remove hoses - draining the pipes first
  • Insulate accessible pipes and the water meter - especially if they're in an uninsulated garage or basement
  • Repair broken and cracked windows, doors and walls to keep air contained
  • Seal up crawl spaces to eliminate drafts
  • Upgrade or replace old insulation in exterior walls
  • Keep your thermostat set to 55 degrees or above at all times, even when you are not home

If you will be away from home for any length of time, arrange for someone to check your house to make sure the heat is still working and there are no other issues.

With over 85 years in service, you can trust us when we say that one of the last things you want to deal with is a burst pipe. Following these simple tips from North Shore Fuel will help prevent a disastrous situation before it occurs. Call (781) 286-3030 or visit our contact us page for more information about our services.