June 27, 2019

Unless you can see the future, there’s no telling what kind of trouble your heating and air conditioning systems can get into. That’s why, no matter what season is in full swing or on the way, preventative maintenance is crucial to the comfort of Massachusetts homeowners!

North Shore Fuel’s expert technicians know the ins and outs of today’s modern heating and cooling systems, so when they inspect your equipment regularly, you can rest assured that…

  • Your system is running efficiently, saving you on both heating and cooling costs for the year

  • Your system is running reliably, catching small problems and fixing them before they turn into big issues and lead to breakdowns

  • Your system is running year after year, extending its effective lifespan beyond that of equipment not regularly maintained

  • Your system is clean and ready for work, ensuring that nothing is dirty, blocked, missing, broken, or posing a risk to your use of the equipment

Preventative maintenance alone can keep your home comfort equipment in check, but when you combine it with our other value-added services by signing up for a comprehensive Service Plans, you’ll experience a new level of comfort!

In addition to preventative maintenance, our service plans also provide….

  • Priority service

  • 24-hour coverage for no-heat emergencies

  • Loyalty rewards points

  • Labor coverage for basic repairs

  • And more!

You don’t need precognition to see the benefits of preventative maintenance and a service plan! Interested in maintaining your comfort this summer, and well into the heating season? Sign up for a service plan, or be sure to schedule your regular preventative maintenance with us in a timely manner – so you can enjoy your heating and cooling systems the way you’d prefer!

Contact us online to learn more and sign up, or give us a call!