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November 13, 2023

You use 80% of your home’s fuel source between December and March. You can avoid paying the bulk of your fuel bills in one-quarter of the year when you enroll in a budget plan with North Shore Fuel.

Budget plans make it easier to manage your fuel costs and other expenses all year long. We determine how much fuel you’ll need for the year and divide your amount into 11 equal payments so that you can plan accurately. You pay the same amount even if you receive two or more deliveries in one month.

When you enroll in a budget plan with North Shore Fuel, we pay 2% annual interest on your account balance. You can also include the cost of your service policy in your monthly payment. If fuel prices or your usage change substantially, we may recommend a payment adjustment to help you end the year as close to a zero balance as possible. We also encourage you to contact us any time to inquire about your budget plan or other fuel use concerns. 

Our budget plan gives you the freedom of having more cash in your pockets during the heating season and the ease of paying your fuel bills throughout the year. Start planning your year today when you call North Shore Fuel at (781) 222-0523 and enroll in our budget plan.

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