October 12, 2016

green_key.pngYour summer home is an enjoyable escape when you are there, but what about all those other times? If you would like more peace of mind about your summer home, we can help in lots of ways.

  • Get your heating and cooling equipment ready for the season, secure it at season’s end, and provide emergency service all year long.
  • Install new heating and cooling equipment, including cold climate heat pumps, and deliver fuel.
  • Outfit the home with water protection that you manage through your phone.
  • Provide access control that you manage via smartphone.
  • Help you use your smartphone to see who is at the door, regardless of where you are.
  • Enable you to turn lights and appliances on and off automatically from anywhere.
  • Set up “geo-fencing” technology to turn air conditioning, lights and systems on automatically when you are approaching.
  • Install surveillance cameras so you can see what is happening from anywhere via your smartphone.

NOTE: Some of these services are described in more detail on in the "Protect Your Property" post

To request help with your summer home, either call the office or use our online contact form.