August 23, 2019

With heating season approaching, as well as the back-to-school season, we figured it was as good a time as any to take a look at how your air conditioning system performed this summer. While typically grades aren’t given out until after school ends, your AC equipment is getting an early review!

Grade your AC to determine where it excelled and where it fell behind this year!

  • A – B ­– Your AC kept your home cool without needing constant adjustments to the thermostat or frequent service calls. It also managed the humidity and dust level like a true honor student of home comfort without breaking the bank on energy costs.
  • C – D – There were some bumps along the way, but your air conditioner made it through the summer. There was that mid-summer breakdown and all that musty air being blown around. And all those complaints about the humidity inside and the increase in utility bills. Looks like your A/C needs some extra help!
  • F – If your air conditioner is on its 10th year or more, it’s no wonder it seemed to play hooky all summer. When it did show up, it was loud and disruptive, needed constant attention, and didn’t put nearly as much effort as it should have to keep you and your family cool. Definitely in need of immediate remedial work!

Where does your air conditioning system fall? The higher the grade, the better prepared you’ll be for next summer! A lower grade suggests that your equipment might be in need of an upgrade.

Here are a few other indicators of a problem with your current AC system…

  • Rising Utility Bills As equipment ages, its efficiency diminishes. It uses more energy in order to provide the same amount of comfort it’s been providing.
  • Strange Noises Under normal operation, all equipment makes noise. However, over time these noises might become louder than normal and stick out among the ambient noises of your home.

  • Poor Humidity Control If the air in your home has been unbearably humid, your air conditioning system could be failing to properly remove moisture from the air.
  • Still Using R-22 Refrigerant As we’ve mentioned in a previous blog, R-22 refrigerant is being phased out, and by January 2020 will no longer be available.

Whether you’re confident in your AC’s performance or worried about what next summer holds, we’re always here for you! Contact us today to learn about our air conditioning services and how they can help.