February 23, 2022

Have you ever left your home forgetting to turn off the lights? No big deal, right? Wrong! Leaving the lights on all day increases energy consumption and utility costs – and it’s really quite wasteful, too.


With our Connected Home services, you can start saving energy and bring a new level of convenience to your home!


Control the lights in your home from anywhere at any time using…


Energy Switches


Set smart schedules for the lights in your home and monitor appliances’ energy usage in real time. You can use your smartphone to turn the lights and appliances on and off as well.


Geo Services


Don’t want to deal with setting schedules? Automate your lights instead with Geo Services! Using the GPS on your smartphone, the system will turn off when you leave home and turn on when you return.


You don’t have to choose just one option either. Combine Energy Switches and Geo Services to create an energy-efficient household that immediately responds to the changing behaviors and needs within the household.


Call or contact us online today to learn more about our lighting accessories and our connected home services.