May 13, 2024

As the sweltering Boston summer approaches, staying cool becomes a priority. But for homeowners, the question arises: is a central air conditioning system or a window unit better for cooling your home? Both options have their pros and cons, and the right choice depends on your needs and budget. Here are some factors to consider.


Central Air Conditioning

  • Energy efficiency: A central AC unit is more efficient than operating multiple window units. The central AC units offered by North Shore Fuel are ENERGY STAR® rated, so you know you’re getting the best energy efficiency rating for your home.
  • Even cooling: Vents in rooms throughout your home ensure that it’ll be kept at a constant temperature, so your home will stay cool. Since your home’s temperature is controlled by a thermostat, you don’t have to worry about hot or cold spots.
  • Better air quality: You can install an air filter in your unit that will remove small particles such as dust, dirt, and pet dander that can exacerbate allergy and asthma symptoms.
  • Quieter operation: Central air conditioning systems are usually far quieter compared to window units.


Window Units

  • Lower upfront cost: Window air conditioning units are cheaper to buy, but you need one installed in each room in your home which can increase the overall purchase price.
  • Self-installation: While you can install window units on your own, they block your view, and you have to remove them in the winter to prevent heat loss. There is also a possibility of human error, which can cause window units not to work properly and make loud noises.
  • Individual room control: Turning off window units in unoccupied rooms is a great way to cut down on your energy expenses, but these window units do not provide the same level of energy efficiency as a central AC system.


While a window unit might seem appealing on the surface due to its lower price point, the price for installation of a central air conditioning system will be offset by its longevity and efficiency. North Shore Fuel’s expert technicians will give an evaluation of your system, assess your needs and budget, and recommend and install the central air system that’s best for you. Visit our central air conditioning page for more information, and contact us to schedule your evaluation.